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Exporter of Engineering Lab Equipments

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I. Product Features

CDMA mobile communication principle experiment apparatus is tightly close to such teaching syllabus as Spread Spectrum Communication. The experiment contents are comprehensive, which could fully meet Experiment teaching requirements of such course as spread spectrum mobile communication on communication’ major among colleges and universities.  

(1) The experiment apparatus has designed a complete direct-spread code-division multiple access (DS-CDMA) mobile communication system, which realizes wireless transceiver by carrier and tightly combines textbook of Spread Spectrum Communication, and outlines the key points of textbook, such as GOLD sequence, spread spectrum and despread spectrum, acquisition and tracking, synchronization extraction, error correction encoding and so on, enabling users to further understand the essence of CDMA by experiments.  

(2) CDMA system includes many functions, such as direct spread spectrum and despread spectrum, code division multiple access, acquisition and tracking of pseudo-random sequence, bit synchronization, frame synchronization extraction, carrier recovery, error correction coding and encoding, which could compose a complete CDMA mobile communication system. Simultaneously, it could establish big CDMA system between two or multiple experiment apparatuss through wireless transmission.

(3) Adopt plexiglass baffle for protection

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II. Performance Parameters

(1) AC, DC power supply

Input: AC 220V±10%

Output: DC ±12V/±5%, ±5V/±5%, -8V/±5%

(2) CDMA Transmitter Receiver

   Signal code speed: 1kbit/s, 2kbit/s (optional)

   Spread spectrum code speed: 100kbit/s, 200kbit/s (optional)

   Spread spectrum gain: 50, 100, 200 (optional)

   Spread spectrum mode: direct spread spectrum

   Modulation mode: PSK, DPSK (optional)

   Carrier frequency: 10.7MHz

(3) Experiment Apparatus Host Specification: 35 cm ×27cm× 10cm

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III. Experiment Contents

(1) GOLD sequence characteristic experiment

(2) Acquisition and tracking experiment of GOLD sequence

(3) Spread spectrum and despread spectrum experiment

(4) Carrier extraction experiment

(5) PSK modulation and demodulation experiment

(6) Bit synchronization extraction experiment

(7) Frame synchronization extraction experiment

(8) Error correction encoding experiment

(9) CDMA mobile communication system experiment

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IV. Specification







CDMA Mobile Communication Principle Experiment Apparatus



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Device Specification:

1.      60M digital storage oscilloscope

2.      500MHZ spectrum analyzer(optional)

Note: Instruments above can be self-purchased or by us.

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