Exporter of Engineering Lab Equipments
Exporter of Engineering Lab Equipments

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GLOBAL LUMINOUS\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nManufacturer,\r\nSupplier & Exporter of Scientific Laboratory Equipments For Fluid Mechanics\r\nLab, Hydraulic Machine Lab, Theory of Machine Lab, Heat/Mass Transfer Lab,\r\nAutomobile Lab, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab, Strength of mechanics\r\nLab,  Structure Analysis Lab & Testing\r\nInstruments for Pulp, Paper & Board Industries & Supplier of All\r\nScientific, Measuring and Survey Drawing Instruments.\r\n\r\n         Global Luminous development\r\nEngineers, Designers Instruments makers Programmer, sales and service personal\r\nall have one overriding objective namely to develop and improve the testing\r\ntechnologies which helps you to maintain and develop the quality of our\r\nproducts.\r\n\r\n          A continuous growth guaranties were\r\nresources for developmental work. It is our aim to match the demands for\r\nquality testing equipment from Mechanical Laboratory Equipments, Civil\r\nEngineering Lab Equipments, Pulp, Paper and Board mills the world around. If\r\nyou want to optimize your resources and product quality do it with the help of\r\nrapidly produced and easily accessible test results with equipment from the\r\nGlobal Luminous.

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